BADEN IN BLUT 2021 Friday Ticket

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BADEN IN BLUT Ticket, valid for FRIDAY 23.07.2021 (Postponed from 2020 because of COVID-19)
The old date is partly still printed on the tickets. We don't want to waste resources on the already printed tickets and continue to use them.

Tickets for 2020 are still valid without restrictions!

Built and established in 2005 with 350 visitors, BADEN IN BLUT Festival became an underground heavy metal festival in south-west Germany during the past decade.
By underground, we mean it. We are just a bunch of crazy metal heads organising this festival.

It is our passion to build something unique we can be proud of. Seeing and meeting our metal heroes whose fans we are ourselves.With proper sound and lighting. Commercial success is not our first goal.


General Terms and Conditions of the Organisers

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